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Empowering you

to live your life ​unapologetically

Are you struggling to find your purpose ​and unsure of your direction in life? Are ​you feeling lost in your identity?

It’s time you make YOURSELF a priority. ​Now is YOUR time to be empowered and ​confident to do whatever the F you want ​and never let any “no’s” get in YOUR way.

Like Robert Green said, “Do not wait for a ​coronation; the greatest emperor’s crown ​themselves”.

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After people

hear me speak...

they will feel empowered to shine bright + ​glow & never let "NO's" get in their way. ​They are THE vibe. My talk will show how I ​rebuilt my whole life on my own, when all ​the odds were against me & everyone ​around me wanted me to fail.

They will learn they don’t have to waiting til’ ​the clock strikes midnight or a Fairy ​Godmother to save them. They will have the ​tools & knowledge to write their own ​​fairytale…

It's time to throw on their crowns & remind ​themselves who they are, because they ARE ​resilient with HOPE!


Clients Say

“It goes without saying: when you are going ​through a divorce, your friends save you, again ​and again. They take you out for cocktails, they ​listen to your horror stories and they reassure ​you that you will get through it. The paperwork, ​the financial stress, the lonely nights when ​you’re not sure who you are anymore, the ​mornings when it’s hard to get out of bed or the ​nights when it’s hard to even go to bed.

Amanda, I couldn’t have done it without you! I wouldn’t of survived the hell I had to go through! Thank you for your uplifting knowledge, your kind and honest words…endless support! Because of YOU, I survived the hardest obstacle in that chapter of my life! Love you! Love you for loving me and showing me that I am a woman and a damn strong one at that. No one could ever take my crown away again!”

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my name is Amanda Berry! I am a Life + M​indset Coach & Keynote Speaker, who e​mpowers women to live a no "F's" given life. I​ wrote the Not Your Average Burn Book, a j​ournal and manifestation guide that helps w​omen release generational curses, burn the in​ner mean girl that they are to themselves an​d inspire them to live unapologetically and cr​ush all of their goals.

Oops, why I’m your C O A C H!

Why I’m

your “Debbie”…

Healed mothers, heal daughters....

I’ve always had this vision of creating this

world - a place where women feel empowered and confident ​to do whatever they want and never let “no’s” get in their way.

…and that is what I am doing!

As an 11-year-old little girl I found my true purpose, and I ​didn’t even know it. I remember going to Blockbuster with my ​mom to rent movies. I can't even tell you what movie I ​actually picked out for myself, but I can tell you hers…

It was the First Wives Club with Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, ​and Bette Midler. Later that night she popped the VHS into ​our VCR, so that we could watch The First Wives Club movie.

The last scene is where it stuck to that 11-year-old little girl...

The part when they opened up the Cynthia Swann Griffin ​Crisis Center for Women. Cynthia was their friend who had ​passed away from suicide, when her husband left her for his ​mistress and married her 3 days later. They ended the movie ​with the girls singing and dancing to the Lesley Gore song, ​“You Don’t Own Me”. In 1996 I obviously had no clue what the ​movie was actually about, except that I loved their all-white ​outfits; they all looked so chic! I still to this day love that ​movie and that is one my favorite songs.

It wasn’t until 2013 when that movie actually resonated with ​me. When I tell you I went through the ugliest divorce ​possible, that is truly an understatement. It was a B.S. ​mockery of lies and false accusations...even from my own ​mother.

2013 was going to be the death of me. I went through ​something so horrific; I thought it was going to kill me. I was ​destroyed mentally, personally, physically, and socially. I had ​nothing! I was a part-time waitress, in-fact very little friends ​actually stuck by. What I did have though were 2 “Debbies”. ​One Debbie was my aunt, and one Debbie was a customer of ​mine at the restaurant I worked at. My aunt Debbie has ​always been there for me since the day I was born. Through ​thick and thin, always has had my best intentions in mind and ​has never let me down.

My other Debbie turned into a mother figure for me, I could ​say friend, but she is way more than that. She also worked at ​an attorney’s office and guided me through my parenting plan ​and my divorce process. That is until it got ugly, and I needed ​to hire an attorney. I will never be able to repay these 2 ​women for everything they both have done for me mentally ​and physically. I will cherish them forever and always keep ​them near to heart.

Because of these "Debbies" - I didn’t give up. They both ​basically told me to pull up my big girl panties and fight. ​They told me over and over again, when I would breakdown ​DAILY - “You will not give up. You are in one hell of a ride, ​but you will not quit. You will get through this, and you will ​win. You’re not going to let them break you down any longer. ​This will make you stronger and will make you a better ​mother. Do not let this kill you".

I did it. I put on my brave face, until it wasn’t just an act - I ​got REALLY brave. I picked myself up off that bathroom floor ​and I fought like hell for the longest 5 months of my life. ​AND it was the hardest 5 months of my life! I did not give up ​and I won. The GAL report came back in my favor!

I need to state something, this truly was not just about ​winning. This was me fighting for my life, my power, and my ​voice. Like good ol’ Lesley Gore sang, “Don’t tell me what to ​do and don’t tell me what to say….and don’t put me on display. ​You Don’t Own Me”...

I made a vow to myself that I would never put myself in that ​kind of situation again and I would never depend on anyone ​ever financially. I haven’t. I put myself first, aside from my ​kiddos. I went to school, completed my high school ​completion, graduated with my degree early and have an ​amazing career. I rebuilt my whole life - when I had nothing. ​ROCK BOTTOM. I am living better than I ever have. I am ​creating my dream life, while actually living my best life.

I promised myself that once I was in the “right” position of ​my life, that I’d be YOUR “Debbie”...

I am YOUR “Debbie”. I am YOUR coach, the coach who HAS ​actually been there. YOUR coach, the coach who knows what ​it’s like first hand to actually go through the ugly parts of life. ​I am here to guide, empower and uplift you with the tools and ​resources I personally have used and still use…THAT work. I ​am going to help you fall in-love with yourself and crush ​every single one of your goals. It’s your time now, to start ​writing your own fairytale.

“I’m young, and I love to be young. I’m free, and I love to be ​free to live my life the way that I want, to say and do ​whatever I please”.

It does not matter how many times you have given up or even ​failed. You are capable and your potential is limitless. I’ve got ​you!

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Not Your Average

Burn Book

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Not Your ​Average ​Burn Book

Your 53 week self-empowerment ​journal workbook & manifestation ​guide, that I created & use daily.

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"I originally started my memoir, on accident. I journal every day, I have for ​years. The more I continued to write, the more I envisioned MY story. MY ​story, in my own book. I went through an awful divorce and child custody ​case. I was left with absolutely nothing, including losing my family and friends. ​I fought like hell to not quit. I didn't. I used all the negative and re-built ​myself, my life, and most importantly my family. I took a pause on "but, she ​didn't quit”, because I needed to heal more. I needed to focus on something ​fun.

I have manifested for years. It was a therapy for my mind, body, and soul. My ​day still does not function the way it's supposed to without my daily routine. ​One morning something clicked. I am spending more time creating my ​"perfect" manifestation / gratitude / goal setup in my old notebooks, than I ​was actually spending on my practices. While I was running copies of my ​pages, I had a thought, what if there is that one woman out there who is just ​like me? Just like me in the sense of practicing the different ways she had ​been self-taught.

My daughter is in middle school. I'll spare you all the pre-teen drama. ​Listening to her with her friends reminded me of my own youth. I immediately ​laughed and thought of the movie Mean Girls. I made Chloe have a "mommy ​and daughter day" - we watched Mean Girls. The scene where Regina George ​made the copies of her Burn Book and threw them all over the school - ​instantly, I knew there was my "something fun". I needed to create a "Not Your ​Average Burn Book". Your complete guide to lose your negative mindset, be ​your best, and burn your old ways down. Are you a Regina George?"

Amanda Berry

thank you



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